Grey Accents

Grey Accents

Grey & all its shades, is a great neutral colour you can use in your home interiors time & time again, from your walls, to furnishings to your home accessories! It is why grey has been a huge trend in our interiors and we continue to use it, as it pairs well with whites & creams, as well as pastels. Grey shades also help create serene, calming and balanced atmospheres. 

Did you know grey, is not technically a colour, because it's combined with white and black, it is what is called an achromatic colour, meaning literally that it is a colour, 'without colour', however, be as it may, it works well at bringing warmth into your home, where your palette may be drawn towards the neutral side of home decorating. We don't blame you for adding it in around your home, we do like a bit of grey, but we are British after all, grey skies are our inspiration! 

grey accents in kitchen hibe home
Painted cupboards in kitchens are a great way to add depth to your kitchen. Grey is a very versatile colour for kitchens, you can go light grey to add a touch of warmth or if you're looking for more contrast within your kitchen, especially if you have an open plan kitchen/dining area, accented dark grey on cupboards and appliances, can create the perfect day to evening colour palette.  


We use grey tableware, as a way of working colour in, with our white plates and serving platters. By doing so, it adds depth and warmth to your dining table. Our 'pinch' range, designed by renowned UK potter, Linda Bloomfield, offers you the simple sleek white ceramic outside and a grey glazed inside, therefore giving you the best of both colour worlds.

Grey Tableware Hibe Home

Not only is this range hand design, made & glazed, it's also dishwasher and microwave safe, no hand washing needed, which in our busy lives, just lightens the load. 

Grey accents in the bedroom hibe home
If you're looking to evoke a tranquil, peaceful bedroom, grey is a beautiful calming colour, which can be weaved in through your soft furnishings, like throws, cushions, bedding and/or rugs within your bedroom. 
light grey 50 x 50 cushion
For the serene tranquil look, like the above, our light grey 50 x 50cm cushions, with a very subtle diamond pattern, work well as back pillows to your all white bed, they add that drop of colour and textured pattern, giving your room those cosy tones, you need to make your space comfortable for you. These pillows also make great back rests for snuggling up in bed, with your favourite book. 
grey cushion hibe home
If you're looking for more of a playful grey accent, our boho, giant grey pom, pom cushions, add that little extra bit of character whilst maintaining a calming tone. Cushions are a great way to add layered textures and depth to your scheme, that create a sense of calm you may be trying to achieve within your spaces.

Grey being a very versatile colour, you can easily work grey accents into your spaces & through home accessories, without feeling like you might make a mistake with the colour! With grey shades you can also create that much needed sense of serenity we crave in our wonderful, but fast paced modern world. 

Enjoy the space you live in!