Picnic In Style

Picnic In Style

We're going to be known as picnicking kings the summer of 2021! As it looks like, it is going to be another year of staying close to home, whilst Covid still hangs around like a bad smell & making the most of our beautiful parks and countrysides is going to be key!

The best way to explore Britain, our 'green & pleasant land', to quote the famous William Blake, is with relaxing walks, made sweeter accompanied by a bit of posh nosh, on a very stylish picnic blanket or throw. However we suggest you picnic on a unique picnic blanket instead, that gives back in more ways that one....

recycled picnic blanket

Sustainable Style

Introducing you to the picnic blanket, to change all picnic blankets, designed & created by the Tartan Blanket Company. What makes these picnic blankets, a cut above the rest, besides their obvious impeccable style, is that it's made out of recycled wool, approximately 70% recycled wool and 30% mixed fibres, saved from landfill, to create a soft to touch, well designed and durable picnic blanket. It also comes with a waterproof underside, making it extremely practical as well, for those outdoor picnics with your family or friends. So you can relax, not only in style but feel good, because it's giving back to the planet as well. 2% of revenues made by the Tartan Company, goes back into helping planet or people organisations. 1% planet and 1% people commitment, thats why we love these picnic blankets even more! 

recycled wool picnic blanket


Handy Extras

All our picnic blankets include luxurious, made to last leather straps, which fit perfectly around the picnic blanket, so you can easily carry your blanket to your desired picnicking spot! Then roll up, attached the straps and off you go. Available in different colours, so you can match the colour with your blanket style. 

recycled wool picnic blankets hibe home

Unique designs

Designed by the talented Scottish Tartan Blanket Company, they wanted to create a highbred of Scottish designs and cross them with a contemporary edge and they've certainly done this very well. The stewart tartan picnic blanket does this very well, with muted blues and mustards, giving a softer look to the tartan. We're also in love with their rainbow range, which is their new product range, comes in rainbow stripes or rainbow checks, they're a funky play on a tradition rainbow design, perfect stand out style, whilst on your picnic. You can also wash on a cool machine wash and dry flat. Wow pretty & practical picnic blankets! Hurrah! 

Recycled wool picnic blankets

Savour your picnics this summer wherever they may be, your gardens, on the beach, parks or the picturesque countryside & whoever they may be shared with, your partner, your babies, your family or friends. Isn't that what life is all about, enjoying every precious moment you can & simple, glorious picnics is up there with some of the best treasured activities we'll have this summer & beyond. 

Enjoy the space you live in!