Watercolourist Yao Cheng, at Hibe Home

Inspiration, Nature & Watercolours

We're pleased to announce our newest additions to Hibe, the beautiful pieces designed and handmade by Yao Cheng Design. US based watercolourist, she paints with plenty of expression and vibrancy. Her use of explosive colour and pattern, stood out and we just had to have her products! 

Herringbone Watercolour Cushion Cover
Expressive & Emotional
From a young age Yao has always had a passion for painting and when she discovered watercolour, her truest passion was ignited. In 2012 the Yao Cheng Design studio began, where her bright and bold designs come to life, throughout her originals, art prints and homeware. Yao paints with passion and this shines through her collection, particularly in her art prints, where she tires to capture life's beauty through every fluid brush stroke. 
Handmade in the US 
Designed and made by hand in the US at Yao Cheng Studio, Ohio. No cotton napkin or cushion is the same, as they're all hand sewn, so you're really getting a beautiful, unique home accessory, with every purchase. 
Watercolourist Yao Cheng Studio with Hibe home
Summer all year round! 
Bright, fresh and summery, her dinner napkins and cushion covers will feel like summer all year round. 
Cotton Dinner napkins Hibe home

Every design begins with inspiration. With each artwork, Yao wants to capture the transient moments that we are in. Like the scent of a flower, or the rhythm of a song, her signature watercolours connect with you in an emotional way.

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