Welcome To Hibe!

Welcome To Hibe!


HIBE is finally here! Short for HIBEernate, because we don't know about you, but we like our homes to be warm, inviting, inspiring, stylish and above all cosy! We do believe your space should hug you and evoke that ahhhhhh relax and hibernate feeling. 

We're a British business, born out of an absolute passion for all things Art, Design & Interiors related. The team has collectively worked in top auction houses, international art galleries, design, marketing and e-commerce for the last 15 years, so we hope here at Hibe to bring all our expertise together to make sure you get the very best, from our products to our services. 

However we felt that not a lot of homeware companies were taking into consideration the impact of their businesses on the people who worked for them or the world around them and wanted to help change this.

This is where the idea, living consciously, sprung into mind, we'd always tried to live our lives this way, with purpose, doing what we loved everyday, for a life full of more joy and happiness, because when you live this way, you're happier and happiness rubs off, like a yawning affect, those in your company can't help, but feel happier around you, although there may be some yawning going on as well from time to time! No one is perfect after all! 

We decided when we went for the dream of setting up our own homeware brand, we would work with more local makers, to try and reduce our footprint where possible or work with suppliers who really do take into consideration the impact, their product or business has on the world, who showed kindness to people and the planet in their processes. 

So here we are, we've created a handpicked collection of beautiful, consciously sourced, home decor, accessories and art, some of our own designs and some are by the expert makers of others from the UK and around the globe, that we hope will be great inspiring additions to your own homes AKA your enjoyment sanctuaries! We don't design or pick anything we wouldn't add to our own Hibe homes! 

Thank you for browsing, we literally can't wait to help you make your home a happier, huggable, snuggable, stylish one! Enjoy the space you live in!