Our Makers & Ethos

Our Makers & Ethos

MAKERS worth shouting about & celebrating their skills in crafting, creating and making products that either, stand the test of time, are made with recycled, up-cycled  materials or created under fair trade schemes, that benefit communities. 

We purchase from makers who are thoughtful to the planet or people in their creation process. Our makers fit one or more of the following:
  • 🌿Handmade quality that lasts longer, to minimise our throw away culture.
  • 🌿Sustainable, meaning they've created a piece by up-cycling or used recycled materials.
  • 🌿Fair trade, made under the fair trade scheme, creating a fair work environment and wage for artisans.
Here at Hibe we want to help you create beautiful, stylish homes, that give back. Who says you can't have it all. Who says your home can't be beautiful, colourful, cosy and luxurious, made up of homeware and accessories that give back in one form or another to people or our planet.
Below are a few of our collections that embody the above criteria! 

Cork Creations 

Cork Homeware Collection
The Cork Tree is the only Oak species whose bark regenerates itself after each harvest. Amazing!  The process of harvesting the cork bark has remained practically unchanged for centuries, naturally and by hand. Even as a placemat, drinks tray or Yoga block, cork continues to absorb CO2! The beautiful, fresh patterns on the cork range are handprinted here in the UK. 

Beach Clean Collection 

Beach Clean Homeware Collection

These placemats & coaster range, beach clean, is made by combining cork and recycled plastic, saved from our oceans, combining = the beach clean collection. When we read that this product was made by literally taking plastic that gets washed up on our beaches, like flip flops and used to create a beautiful homeware product? We had to stock it! 

The Artisan Collection 

Created by QASA QASA, a curated collection of Ethical homewares and gifts for sustainable living. Hand-crafted in East Africa. Each item empowers artisans and comes with its own special story. All pieces are created by hand and every purchase goes towards helping communities to grow and sustain the handcrafting traditions within their tribes. 

Ethical & Sustainable Homeware by QASA QASA

We believe that homeware, can be stylish, beautiful, add luxury quality to your homes, AKA your enjoyment sanctuaries, as well as give back to this wonderful, beautiful planet and all the amazing people that inhabit it.